Desiccant Drier


  1. Performance & Features
    With reference to the requirements of MIL-D-3464 Dry Desiccant Clay and full utilizing the abundant local resource of bentonite, our company produces bentonite dry desiccant, which has the function of active particle absorption, static dehumidification and odor elimination. It is widely used for sealed storage of products in dry air that cannot be sealed by oil or gas, such as optical equipment, electronic products, medical products, health care products, food packing, military products and civil products.
    Compared to silica gel, bentonite dry desiccant has the advantage of low price, quick absorption, low production cost, and etc. Compared to other kinds of dry desiccant sold in the market, it features quick absorption speed and strong absorption capacity without toxicity, smell, erosion or environment pollution. It is without any harm to people and particularly suitable for food packing. Since its introduction into the market, bentonite dry desiccant is used by several hundred enterprises, which all think it every effective.

  2. Technical indicators
    Under the balanced air condition of 25C, the product reaches:
    Particle size of desiccant: 1-4mm
    Moisture content 0.5%
    RH40%, absorption capacity of moisture 16%
    RH80%, absorption capacity of moisture 21%

  3. Precautions
    When using desiccant air seal packing, desiccant should put in appropriate places of the container to best guarantee that desiccant can dehumidify all sealed space. For protection of valuable material, increase the amount of desiccant to prevent damage resulted from condensation.

  4. Reuse Method
    After being used for a period, bentonite for dry desiccant clay can be reused for improved performance. The reuse method is to dry the desiccant in a baking oven at the stable temperature of 140C until its moisture content is less than 1%.